Buddhist Conceits

Mike Slott, editor of the Secular Buddhist Network website, critiques Bikkhu Analayo’s new book, Superiority Conceit in Buddhist Traditions. I appreciate Mike’s argument that Bikkhu Analayo missed one of the most important of Buddhist conceits, monastic claims of superiority over lay people based on the ‘two truths’ doctrine, a doctrine apparently not present in the […]

Learning comes into being when appropriately expressed

At a time when Muslim culture is being so often treated in ugly, xenophobic, racist, ignorant ways, how refreshing to read Mana Kia’s article on “adab” in the Psyche newsletter and gain a brief glimpse of the values that informed Persianate culture and its lifeworlds: From the 13th to the mid-19th century, Persian was the […]

Places Where We Can Tell the Truth

I recently read a paper I will be reflecting on for a long time, “Imagine a workplace where you could tell the truth” by Lauren A Taylor and David Berg, in the newsletter, Psyche. They describe the very real reasons not telling the truth is so pervasive in workplaces, the importance of being realistic about […]

Allowing the Felt Sense to Find Its Voice

I am grateful for the excellent company my article, “Allowing the felt sense to find its voice: Using Imagination to deepen daily experience” enjoys in the latest edition of Creative Dharma. Ronn Smith interviews Stephen Batchelor, who discusses how two novels by the Icelandic writer, Jón Kalman Stefánsson, are wonderful examples of how literary fiction […]

Creativity and Mindfulness

The intrepid Ramsey Margolis, founder of the One Mindful Breath secular Buddhist group in Wellington, New Zealand, as well as a new secular Buddhist publishing house, the Tuwhiri Project, has an exciting new project, Creative Dharma, a monthly newsletter looking at how we might use creativity in meditation practice, and bring meditative sensibility into our […]

The Wonder of Ordinary Becoming

A new dawn, a new fresh day, the sun rising again in our hearts. Our ordinary being in the world is this rich fresh creative occurring into all that is being implied in us and our world (Gendlin, 2018, A Process Model). Good morning beautiful world, thank you for this our new becoming! Did you […]

Free Intro to Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Therapy – for Therapists

Format: ONLINE live group webinarLeader: Bill GaynerDate: Monday, October 26, 2020Time: 1pm – 2:30pm (EST) Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Therapy Groups (EFMT)Centre for Psychology and Emotional Health Here is a video of the workshop: This is an opportunity for therapists to experience and learn about EFMT through this free psychoeducational and experiential introductory workshop. EFMT is a […]

Update on Touching the Earth

I introduced our fledgling Touching the Earth (TtE) approach to readers on the Secular Buddhist Network (SBN) website about six months ago, after our first TtE daylong in November. SBN is a hub for all the various kinds of secular Buddhism worldwide. TtE has deep roots in secular Buddhism. In this new article for SBN, […]

Social Work Me Podcast Interview

I am grateful to Matt Barnes for interviewing me on the Social Work Me Podcast in a wide-ranging discussion on the development of Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Therapy, including its Emotion-Focused Therapy orientation and aspects of its Mindfulness-Based and Buddhist roots. As we talked, the time flew by, and we realized we could have kept talking for […]