Retreat Details

Retreat Contacts

Bill Gayner

Bill Gayner, BSW, MSW, RSW, is leading the retreat. He will be giving talks, facilitating group discussions and meetings, and be available for individual meetings during the retreat. You can contact him at

Justina Zatzman

Justina Zatzman, BA, MSW, RSW, is the Pre-Retreat Manager, taking your registration requests and working with Ecology Retreat Centre staff to ensure our retreat needs are met. Justina will be following up with retreatants on special needs identified, dietary restrictions, and organizing rides for those who need them. You can contact her at

Cleo Haber

Cleo Haber, BSW, MSW, RSW, will be the Onsite Retreat Manager, responding to retreatants’ needs during the four days of the retreat itself. Cleo is in close contact with the pre-retreat manager Justina to ensure she remains aware of your needs identified during the registration process. During the meditation retreat, Cleo will be available to meet with you to help address issues such as accommodations, supplies, or scheduling. Cleo will also be working closely with Ecology Retreat Centre staff to support the group through the four-day retreat experience.

Ecology Retreat Centre

Our meditation retreat will be held at the beautiful Ecology Retreat Centre in the Hockley Valley, near Mono, Ontario, close to Orangeville. The centre has delicious organic food and hiking trails in forested rolling hills.

Features of Interest

  • Forested hills
  • Hiking trains that link to the Bruce Trail
  • Spring-fed creeks with clean water
  • Outdoor pool
  • Campfire circle
  • Labyrinth
  • Pond
  • Garden, fruit trees and fields

All of these are available for us during the retreat. For photos of the retreat centre, click here.

Ecology Retreat Centre map and directions
308046 Hockley Road
Mono, ON L9W 6N2
Tel: 519.941.4560


All of our single and shared rooms will be in the Bunkhouse or the Lodge depending on accessibility needs. Our bathroom facilities will be large and medium-sized shared facilities with private stalls and showers. Rooms have storage space and standing fans. There is a lounge area with sofas and comfy chairs where we can relax together and a small kitchenette to store some extra snacks and teas and goodies to enjoy in between scheduled meal times. We will have wifi.

To see photos of the facilities, please click here.

Suggested Packing List

For meditation:

  • Meditation pillow, mat, or other meditation sitting and back support supplies
  • Journal or writing pad for your meditation writings
  • Pens, markers, art supplies for your meditation journalling
  • Shawls or blankets that help you keep warm or feel supported during your meditation sittings
  • Optional: seat cushion for your chair

Personal packing list:

  • Indoor shoes or slippers for use in dining hall and accommodations
  • All personal hygiene products including shower soap (we strongly recommend unscented products be used – it normally lessens the mosquito attraction and also supports our guests with scent sensitivities)
  • Facecloth (if it is your habit to use one)
  • Hairdryer
  • Bug spray & sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Jacket or sweater for the evenings
  • Hiking shoes (for trail walking)
  • A small flashlight (for trips to the fire circle)
  • Water bottle
  • Cell phone charger
  • Swimsuit (the pool is open May 15 – September 15)
  • Pool towel (the Ecology Retreat Centre does not allow their regular shower towels to be used at the pool)
  • Yoga mat (or rent from the Ecology Retreat Centre for $2/mat)

The following are the items that will be supplied to you and you do not need to bring:

  • Bath towel (only to be used for showers and in the bathrooms, cannot be used poolside)
  • Bed linens: blankets, sheets, pillows and pillow covers